Nasta is grateful to have been given the opportunity, says CEO

Nasta CEO Tom Johansen and  marketing manager Jannike Hansen with Casas da Noruega football team Nasta CEO Tom Johansen and marketing manager Jannike Hansen with Casas da Noruega football team

We start the week introducing a series of interviews with our sponsors. Every Monday we will publish an article with one company engaged with supporting our social and educational project in Bancários, Rio de Janeiro. Throughout the next weeks we will find out more about their work, their support and their vision.

The first interview is Nasta which became our sponsor in 2015. The company from Larvik is one of Norway's largest suppliers of excavators and its business includes import, sale and total service of construction machinery. During Sandarcupen 2017, we have visited Nasta headquarters and had a chance to sit with the Nasta CEO, Tom Johansen.

According to him, they were first introduced to Casas da Noruega by one of the directors of Bane & Entreprenørservice (BES) when they planned to build a football court in Bancários. “Started with the BES connection and then the talk with the founder of the NGO Snorre Holand, 2 years ago”, remembered.

The main reason for sponsoring the social project was giving it back to society, explained the CEO. “For the fact that a support from Nasta could make a huge difference in life quality for many people. Nasta is grateful to have been given the opportunity to support. It means a lot for all our employees to observe that their company does support such a positive project”, said the director.

“The project is driven by enthusiastic people on a nonprofit basis. Hence, the support will go directly to the good purpose of helping young people to be able to help themselves out of poverty. This is a fantastic motivation to support" NASTA CEO Tom Johansen

It all started when Nasta were trying to find a project for engaging with direct support: “We’ve been searching for a while so when this came up, we felt for it!”, said. Nasta marketing manager, Jannike Hansen joined a trip to Brazil and visited the project in the same year thus confirming the intention of sponsorship. “Also when we saw the boys in Sandercupen 2016: they were so grateful and happy, it is definitely a good spending money project”, added Johansen. What most impressed him during the football tournament were the boy’s positive attitude: “Is that happiness they show all the time”, explained Johansen.

Moreover, the director shed some light on the responsibility of the private sector with the inequalities in poor communities in developing countries.  “Companies should do something. We can make a difference to many people’s lives who are current suffering. Any Norwegian company with possibilities should do that, embrace and support a social project such as CdN. Hopefully, we will continue our partnership. Depends on the results of the year, of course. But if it is up to me, we are there!”, said.

Today Nasta sponsors 6 to 7 different projects, some of them local, some of them are cultural or social. “We believe we do this for the employees. It’s internal, we do not talk or advertise it externally”, explained Johansen.

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